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CoM - Fuyumi Kayorua by Akiyama-Lhant CoM - Fuyumi Kayorua by Akiyama-Lhant

Name: Fuyumi Kayorua (冬美 カヨルア)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 162cm in Sealed and Fated forms, 179cm in True form (wings not included)
Species: Karasu Tengu (White)
Dream Weaving - Fuyumi has the ability to enter a person's dream and manipulate it from within, creating or altering the contents within, indirectly affecting a person's memory through sleep. In current state Fuyumi could only enter the dream of a relaxed person, may fail if the person is in a more complicated mindset when asleep e.g. a troubled mind. Also she could only enter a person's dream at a time.
Wind manipulation - Born ability of Karasu Tengu, she could control the flow of wind and used it as a method of attack, often in the form of wind blades through the swing of her staff. In her current state her wind blades are not powerful enough to cause serious damage but enough to buy time for escape.

Title: Whisper
Class: Recruit
Partner: Natsume Kayorua

Occupation: Full time keeper
Residence/Region: Eastern (resides in Sanctum permanently)

Generally emotionless, Fuyumi's first impression to others can be described as cold as winter, literally fitting her name well. She rarely express her feelings to anyone as she prefers to keep them to herself and covers them up very well. Being blind and mute, she often receives condolecense and mocking along the way (after the certain chain of incidents that changed her, at least), but she had learned to act indifferently to them, not even acting appreciated or insulted by them. This often leads to various misunderstandings and giving the impression of being rude to anyone who tried to interact with her. The only times when she shows certain level of emotions when she is with her twin brother Natsume, however most of these are lost years ago.

She is stoic and prefers to be left alone (except her brother Natsume and an Okuri Inu called Kurone), her indifferent behavior and the aura emitted around her makes her appeared to be alone even in the crowd. Even so, she secretly enjoys observing (despite being blind) others' conversation thanks to her enhanced hearing, though others often not notice it. Thus she can collect a lot of things happening around just not telling anyone about it. In addition, though she can talk to others telepathically (derives from her Dream Weaver ability) but she couldn't use it for long without exhausting her, limiting her in attempt to interact with others. Thus she prefers to act than talk.

Fuyumi together with her twin Natsume, were born in the Kayorua tribe, one of the many Tengu tribes in the Mountain Kurama of Japan. They often in the attention of tribesmen since they were born from the same egg, a phenomenon that was extremely rare as most twin avian who shared the same egg - Mythos or not - are often dead before they could hatch. Their parents were happy to have them as children and gave them the best care they could effort. Thus the twins' childhood were better than most chicks in the tribe.

Fuyumi learned everything about being a Karasu Tengu since as a child, from where the species were from, the abilities, as well as lifestyle, even in her Sealed form. She absorbed all the knowledge like a sponge and even often scored topped in the class. She even anticipated her 13th year when her abilities as a Tengu will be awaken. However instead of everything went as she wished  it had became a nightmare that completely changed her.

A few days after her birthday, she woke up with her hair suddenly turned into pale white. It totally shocked her as she went for help to her parents. The sight of pale hair also shocked them and didn't even know what to do, so they went for the elders' help. The elders commanded Fuyumi to transform into True form based on what she had learned, as result she changed into a white crow. The scene devastated the tribesmen, as in their tradition the appearance of a white Tengu is a bad omen and will bring catastrophe to the tribe. Everything changed after the incident, everyone's view towards Fuyumi changed drastically from being friendly to casting her away on sight. Even her parents' attitude to her changed as well, often beaten up badly and spat cruel words to her. This devastated her as she could only went for help to Natsume, who was the only one didn't change his attitude to her.

After a week of uproar in the tribe, the Elder purposely sent Natsume away for an errand while summoned Fuyumi to the main house. Not aware of what will happen and still hope for anything better, she obediently went to the said place. However, against her wish the Elders cast a deadly curse upon her. She could only felt skull-shattering pain and what she had seen was the twisted smile of the Elders, as well as those cruel words telling her to dead in the worst pain ever. Not waiting her to die, the Elders ordered other Tengus to throw her far away from the territory and left her die in the wilds.

In her despair, she lied in the foreign woods with pain filled up her mind, she wanted nothing but hope to end everything. However her dear wish to see Natsume was the only string attached to her from dying. As if responded to her wish, she was saved by an Okuri Inu who went past there due to travelling. 

She woke up after a week of slumber, apparently the curse didn't kill her as it was expected. Instead she couldn't see anything, as well as lost the ability to talk again. Devastated she went into the state of hysteria and attempt to injure herself, which the Inu had no choice but to tie her up and put her to sleep again. Somehow alerted by Fuyumi's desperate call, Natsume finally found her. He was heartbroken to see his beloved sister completely broken and devastated to kill herself. He stayed with the Inu - who later introduced himself as Kurone - to take care of Fuyumi, and tried to pull her back to her senses. Their effort finally worked after a month as Fuyumi regained herself again from confusion. 

Through communication - only Natsume talked since she couldn't - she finally realized the fact of being betrayed by her own people, as well as knowing their attempt to wipe her existence away including brainwashing Natsume. Fortunate to her the brainwash didn't work because of the deep bond between the twins. Angered, Natsume wanted to leave the tribe as well but was stopped by Fuyumi. She told him to remain in there pretending to forgot her existence while learning to become a full-fledged Tengu, which she couldn't do so. Natsume was reluctant at first, but finally agreed in the condition that he will teach Fuyumi as well. Kurone also agreed to stay with them for the time being.

After 5 years, Natsume finally became an independent Tengu and allowed to leave the tribe, while Fuyumi discovered her Dream Weaving ability, learned to control it together with teachings from Natsume. After leaving he immediately went to Fuyumi and asked her to move together. It was then Kurone told them about the Chancel and suggested them to go there as it is for all the Mythos. Having nowhere else to go they agreed to go there and become Keepers to put their abilities to use.

:bulletred: Fuyumi wears a crow's mask to hide her face from view when in the Sanctum except in private areas e.g. her and Natsume's quarters
:bulletred: The red markings around her eyes, as well as the sclera of her eyes turned black, are the proof of curse which failed to kill her, even though it failed to work on her in an instant it still slowly draining her life away. Periodically she experiences the spasm (severe headache) as the curse's power still in work, and it is unstable that she couldn't know when it will act up 
:bulletred: Fuyumi is blinded by the curse, however that doesn't mean she doesn't know anything. Her other senses became so sharp and she could sense others through echos made by the vibration of her staff
:bulletred: Is a mute due to the curse as well, she could only talk to others telepathically
:bulletred: She rarely changes into sealed form since rarely leaving Sanctum aside of missions, her face couldn't be seen by humans due to illusion and all they see is a person whose face couldn't be remembered
:bulletred: In Sealed form Fuyumi's staff changes form into the cane for the Blind
:bulletred: Have a very strong mind bond with her twin Natsume, he is the only one who she can communicate telepathically without being mentally drained. She is very protective to him
:bulletred: having her head lowered most of the time as the marks are intimating to others
:bulletred: She could express a portion of her expression like smile, frown and anger. She couldn't laugh or cry anymore
:bulletred: Beside her staff, she have a Harisen which she mainly used for bashing someone who try to flirt with Natsume (namely Kurone)
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